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Point Rankings

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Rank Player Agent Secret Agent 00 Agent Total
1Glen Stevens1995199719885980
2Adam Moore1950195319515854
3Karl Jobst1942192818985768
4Greg Lewis1932191218845728
5Andrew Kent1870187018725612
6Michael Coe1818180118035422
7Damian Coe1784177917975360
8Ryan Dwyer1822176617695357
9Adam Archbold1806177417595339
10Matt Cook1754175917765289
11Luke Szklarz1783173116845198
12Paddy Johannessen1752173417005186
13Greg Whatmore1693169817365127
14Phil Renshaw1640169016975027
15Mark Perkins1646165516424943
15Matt Hedding1647166516314943
17Chris Allan1618163516244877
18Josh Stewart1657159515784830
19Glen McDiarmid1593159516174805
20Mark Norton1664156915514784
21Richard Kerr1584156616054755
22Paul Macfarlan1552155215734677
23Ivan Neeson1577152715424646
24Graeme O'Brien1530155215554637
25Rohan Young1478150714874472

Time Rankings

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Rank Player Agent Secret Agent 00 Agent Total
1Glen Stevens20:3226:2530:421:17:39
2Adam Moore21:0327:1032:211:20:34
3Karl Jobst21:0827:3033:461:22:24
4Andrew Kent21:4928:4835:321:26:09
5Greg Lewis21:1928:1936:511:26:29
6Damian Coe23:0931:2138:561:33:26
7Matt Cook23:3531:5338:021:33:30
8Michael Coe22:4831:0640:581:34:52
9Adam Archbold22:5633:0145:331:41:30
10Greg Whatmore24:2137:2845:311:47:20
11Ryan Dwyer22:5837:2951:181:51:45
12Phil Renshaw25:0738:5352:341:56:34
13Paddy Johannessen23:2435:5159:491:59:04
14Mark Perkins26:1842:421:13:492:22:49
15Matt Hedding26:0245:591:15:442:27:45
16Chris Allan28:0749:431:19:012:36:51
17Josh Stewart27:0957:051:23:102:47:24
18Glen McDiarmid29:301:01:321:30:523:01:54
19Graeme O'Brien30:461:06:151:32:453:09:46
20Paul Macfarlan33:051:16:101:32:523:22:07
21Ivan Neeson29:161:32:001:39:203:40:36
22Richard Kerr55:551:40:041:35:154:11:14
23Luke Szklarz2:14:092:53:573:03:388:11:44
24Mark Norton26:164:33:154:43:039:42:34
25Rohan Young5:43:195:26:416:21:1017:31:10

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