The GoldenEye Australian Elite Roster

A list of members in The GoldenEye Australian Elite, including their GoldenEye times page.

Player Times Page Email
Adam Archbold(times)???
Adam Moore(times)(e-mail)
Andrew Kent(times)(e-mail)
Chris Allan(times)(e-mail)
Damian Coe(times)???
Glen McDiarmid(times)(e-mail)
Glen Stevens(times)(e-mail)
Graeme O'Brien(times)(e-mail)
Greg Lewis(times)???
Greg Whatmore(times)(e-mail)
Ivan Neeson(times)???
Josh Stewart(times)(e-mail)
Karl Jobst(times)(e-mail)
Luke Szklarz(times)(e-mail)
Mark Norton(times)???
Mark Perkins(times)(e-mail)
Matt Cook(times)(e-mail)
Matt Hedding(times)(e-mail)
Michael Coe(times)???
Paddy Johannessen(times)(e-mail)
Paul Macfarlan(times)(e-mail)
Phil Renshaw(times)(e-mail)
Richard Kerr(times)(e-mail)
Rohan Young(times)(e-mail)
Ryan Dwyer(times)(e-mail)

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