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What is the Dark License to Kill (Dark LTK) League?

The 007 Settings:
Enemy Health: 1000%
Enemy Damage: 1000%
Enemy Accuracy: 100%
Enemy Reaction Time: 100%

Can you do it? Send it in to comeasur or post in the Dark LTK PR's Topic

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Surface 1

16:44/Ilari Pekkala
21:55/Wouter Jansen
32:50/Andrew Kent
02:04/Rayan Isran
02:43/Ilari Pekkala
02:57/Trent Hovis
03:00/Wouter Jansen
03:01/Axel Zakrisson
03:47/Andrew Kent
04:48/Steve Bryze
05:27/Garrett Sellati
00:46/Brandon Sanford
00:54/Trent Hovis
01:15/Wouter Jansen
01:21/Robert Shepherd
01:48/Ilari Pekkala
01:55/Steve Bryze
01:59/Andrew Kent
06:44/Ilari Pekkala

Bunker 1



Surface 2

04:48/Ilari Pekkala
04:58/Brandon Sanford
08:12/Wouter Jansen
10:34/Garrett Sellati
13:15/Andrew Kent
14:24/"Jack sn"
16:34/Trent Hovis
19:38/Axel Zakrisson
Not Beaten! 02:15/Brandon Sanford
02:26/Ilari Pekkala
02:29/Anton Forsander
03:20/Wouter Jansen
03:51/Andrew Kent
04:01/Steve Bryze
16:39/Axel Zakrisson
01:54/Wouter Jansen
01:55/Trent Hovis
01:56/Brandon Sanford
01:57/Alex Anderson
01:58/Bryan Bosshardt
02:00/Ilari Pekkala
02:03/Tyler Probert
02:08/Andrew Kent
02:11/Garrett Sellati
02:18/Axel Zakrisson
02:22/Steve Bryze
02:26/Ryan White
02:28/Robert Shepherd

Bunker 2

Statue Park



15:47/Ilari Pekkala
18:21/Axel Zakrisson
25:33/Wouter Jansen
02:39/Wouter Jansen
02:40/Jimmy Bauer
02:54/Ilari Pekkala
01:11/Henrik Norgren
01:11/Rayan Isran

01:13/Trent Hovis
01:13/Brandon Sanford
01:13/Axel Zakrisson
01:15/Garrett Sellati
01:18/Ilari Pekkala
01:22/Wouter Jansen
01:22/Andrew Kent
01:42/Steve Bryze
01:51/Robert Shepherd
Not Beaten!





08:45/Ilari Pekkala Not Beaten! 20:31/Ilari Pekkala 16:33/Ilari Pekkala





41:08/Ilari Pekkala Not Beaten! 26:09/Ilari Pekkala 01:25/Brandon Sanford
01:30/Ilari Pekkala
01:33/Alexandre Gimenez
01:33/Garrett Sellati
02:05/Wouter Jansen
02:18/Trent Hovis
02:36/Andrew Kent

Levels Completed: 16

Last updated: 31 Jan 2007

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