The GoldenEye UK Elite Roster

A list of members in The GoldenEye UK Elite, including their GoldenEye times page.

Player Times Page Email
Adam Bozon(times)(e-mail)
Adam Durkacz(times)???
Andrew Bownes(times)(e-mail)
Ben Southward(times)(e-mail)
David Cliff(times)(e-mail)
Eddy Erman(times)(e-mail)
Graham Maddocks(times)(e-mail)
Graham Morris(times)(e-mail)
Graham Sewell(times)(e-mail)
Harvey Manhood(times)(e-mail)
Ian Fallens(times)(e-mail)
Matthew Williams(times)(e-mail)
Richard Bownes(times)(e-mail)
Robert Shepherd(times)(e-mail)
Sam Hughes(times)(e-mail)
Shane Garner(times)(e-mail)
Soo Reams(times)(e-mail)

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