The GoldenEye Canadian Elite Roster

A list of members in The GoldenEye Canadian Elite, including their GoldenEye times page.

Player Times Page Email
Alex Anderson(times)???
Dan Berube(times)(e-mail)
Herman Yeung(times)(e-mail)
Jared Kirkness(times)(e-mail)
Jean-François Dubreuil(times)(e-mail)
Matt Kazuk(times)(e-mail)
Michael Burden(times)(e-mail)
Michael Kirkness(times)(e-mail)
Philippe Leclerc(times)(e-mail)
Pier-Yves Lemire(times)(e-mail)
Robert Rodriguez(times)(e-mail)
Ryan White(times)(e-mail)
Simon Archambault(times)(e-mail)
Steven Haley(times)(e-mail)
Tyler Probert(times)(e-mail)
Josh Fronkner(times)(e-mail)

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